Web Design


Koncert is a multi-channel sales engagement with personalization at scale. Formerly known as ConnectLeader, they came to us to rebrand their web pages and product logos.


Koncert's new platform has been designed with SDRs, sales managers, and account executives in mind. The company wanted to create a fun experience for them and highlight the complexity of its software to find interest from these professionals instantly.


We built a flexible modular theme within HubSpot. Their editors can now drag-and-drop onto different pages; this means faster page development times and more landing pages on demand!

Premium Network Access

The client benefited from our Network Access program, which connects the top 1% of talents around the globe. Our graphics and concepts can be elevated even more when we combined our network. From voice-over, all the way to motion graphics and speaks person, we have a big extended team who can help you cut through the noise.