Troops is a company that specializes in monitoring your most critical systems so they can deliver actionable insights on Slack and MS Teams to help you accelerate your business. Troop's came to us with an urge for new animations and HubSpot template customization for their current site to improve their UX.


Troops requested us to customize its current HubSpot template, adding editor-friendly dynamic accordions to drag and drop anywhere on their site. Furthermore, we re-design front-end functionalities, using the guidance of what we received from their designer, and successfully deploying it into production.


SVG animations are a lengthy and tricky process. To make sure you don't run into browser incompatibilities, you have to use the right tools to embed JS and CSS codes correctly. We animated Troops' Marketecture illustration to engage the user whenever the viewport reached the animation, setting the initial start that would make more sense of their software Slack integration with other CRMs.