Web Design

Tugboat Logic

Tugboat Logic helps businesses navigate the complexities of security and compliance. Their goal is to simplify and automate information security management for startups and enterprises. The brand's challenge was to tell a visual story about its entire infosec program in its site and promo materials.


Infosec is a content-heavy subject and hard to grasp, even for the most experienced CISO. Our goal [visually] was to ease that learning curve for newbies looking to get their SOC2 certification and remind seasoned CEOs of the importance that it is to be in continuous compliance.


By engaging new visitors with well-crafted sections, we could retain more attention from new visitors in their learning journey. During all year of 2020, Tugboat Logic saw massive growth in its user base. Recently, it went to the second round of funds, and it will begin to 3x its revenue in 2021.